Episode 50: Sometimes you Gotta Rent a Boat to Get a Boat


Look-  if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize every ship you ever lost. 
Would you capture it, or just let it float?

Her head's cobwebby, knees creak, body's dead-y
There's spirits in this orb already, don't forgetti
She's nervous, but on the surface she looks calm and ready to suck souls,
But she keeps on forgetting the rest of the group,
The whole team boos so loud
She points at the crown, but the souls won't come out
He's not slumberin' now, look how he's lumberin' now
The clock's run out, time's up, over, pow!

Snap back to reality, Oh there's still gravity
Oh, there the Wreckateers go
They're so mad, they won't give up that easy, no
They won't have it, they know the world's on the ropes
It don't matter, they're dope

You better cruise the seas, get your boat, you want it
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime

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