Dungeon World 25 - This One Makes the Loudest Boom

Hey there are other gods worshipped in First Conquest, you know. Oh, you didn't know? Well I guess that's my bad. Let me lay it out for you!

We have Agwe, the god of tides. Believes that there is a natural flow to all things. Martial folks follow Agwe and learn the flow of battle and such. 
We have Trevess, the goddess of the forge. Believes in creating things with your hands, dedicating yourself to a craft. Through suffering we are forged into greater and more powerful implements of the gods. 
We have Hestus, the god of community. Sort of the anti-foz. Peace over violence, welcoming over hostility. 

Then we also see the Saint Sister again. Missed her, did ya? Yeah she's here. Sort of. You'll see. It's fine. 

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