Force and Destiny -42- Choices

This is the conversation that occurs about 15 minutes into this episode:

“This audio may not be usable.”

“I mean, let’s just cut out the parts where everything goes to 11 for four seconds.”

“How much do we hate our listeners?”

“I mean you could just turn it down a little bit?”

“I’m just really sad that they don’t get the video.”

So you've been warned. There's some wonky audio right at the beginning here, but it's also hilarious; so when I tried to judge how much we may or may not hate our listeners, I balanced it with how funny the whole thing turns out to be. I hope you'll find that I made the right choice. At any rate, I'm sure you'll agree it's a better choice than most of the ones made by our favorite band of "jedi." Speaking of, they've got to make some choices about some missions. I'm sure exactly whatever misguided option you are currently wondering whether or not they chose is exactly correct. All of them. Yes.

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